Whenever the primary circuit is switched on or off deflection is observed in the secondary circuit. At the time of switching on or the circuit the current in primary various wh
It is a device which works on AC. It is used to increase as decrease the magnitude of alternate voltage as alternating current. Principle :-
                                 PRE Board E
Covalent Bond:-Lewis – Longmuir Concept:- Langmuir   in. 1919 improved Lewis
Population Interaction Interspecific interactions are interactions of populations of two differen
Chemical Bond is a force that acts between 2 or more atoms to hold them together as a stable molecule. Cause of chemical combination=>Le
Transpiration:- The loss of water through stomata in the leaves is called transpiration. - It is evaporative loss of water through
Properties of colloidal solutions:- The main properties of the colloidal solutions are discussed below:- Physical properties:-
The force of attraction or repulsion acting between the molecules are known as intermolecular force. The nature of intermolecular force is electromagnetic. The inte
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