Frictional electricity : The electricity developed by rubbing or friction is called frictional electricity. The rubbed substances which show this property of attraction are said to have become electrified or electrically charged.

Electric charge : Electric charge is an intrinsic property of elementary particles of matter which give rise to electric forces between the various objects.

Electric charge is a scalar quantity. Its SI unit is Coulomb C.

A proton has positive charge +e and

An electron has –ve charge, -e, where   e = 1.6*10-19C.

Electrostatics : Electrostatics is the study of electric charge at rest.

Application of Electrostatics :

  1. In electrostatic loudspeaker.
  2. In electrostatic spraying of paints, power coating.
  3. In a Xerox copying machine.
  4. In the design of a cathode ray tube used in television and radar.
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