Sensory System

Sensory system consists of simple to complex structure called sensory receptors.

  1. Simple sensory receptors ore called primary sense cell.
  2. More complex sensory receptors are called secondary sense cells.
  3. Most complex sensory receptors. Are called sense organs.

Types of sensory on the basis of location :-


Propri receptors

Viscera receptors

(1)   That are present on body surface.

(2)   They includes receptors for touch, taste and shell old sense organ for hearing & vision.

(1)   Present in skelet of muscles, joints, tendons etc.

(2)   From their help our come to know the position of our arm or leg without looking at them.

(1)   Present in viscera (viscera:- that includes internal organs of body like abdominal cavity and thoracic cavities).

(2)   It senses blood pressures, co2 level, body temperature, PH, etc.


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