Reflex Action

Animals show 2 types of actions :-




(1)That occurs by animals will.

(2)It depends upon us.

Ex.-animal exercise by itself.

(1)That occurs without animals will.

(2)It is quick and occurs spontaneously.

Ex.-heart beats itself, due to cry suddenly due to touched by hot object etc.


Involuntary actions are called reflex actions. Reflex action is defined as a spontaneous, automatic and mechanical response to a stimuli without the will of an animal.

Reflex action generally involve spinal cord for quick response. They are some reflexes which involve brain are called cerebral reflexes.

Reflex are :- the path travelled by an the pulse in a reflex action is called reflex are.

Importance of reflex action :-

(1)   It helps an animal to respond quickly to the harmful stimuli so that no harm cause to it.

(2)   It also reduces the work load of brain is a shall extent.

Condition reflexes (CR)

Sometimes our body response to an stimuli differently from that occur naturally. It can be achieved by training.

So, it is the behavior shown by individual through experience of same things many things in which a response is given to a specific stimuli that is different from the stimulus which occurs naturally.

CR is not inherited it is acquired during life by any individual. As common people and if they do so, they get breathlessness but if they do proper is slightly charges from original response.

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