Coordination id the act of making different organs of body to work together to produce an effect in body, and our body need such control and coordination of all organs to produce the response.

There are two type of control systems in higher organisms :

(1)Nervous system  and (2) Endocrine system

Difference b/w nervous and endocrine system :-

Nervous system

Endocrine systme

(1)It contains nerve cells.

(2)Here nerve cells control by sending        electrical signals called nerve impulse .

(3)Nervous control is speedy.

(4)It is limited to a single place.

(1)It contain glands. (gland -> An organ that synthesize a substance like hormone and releases it into blood if it is endocrine gland, and into if exocrine gland).

(2)Here glands control by sending chemical signals called hormones.

(3)Endocrine control is slow.

(4)its effect occurs through out the body.


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